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Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

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With an incredible history full of turmoil and intrigue, it is no wonder that New Orleans consistently makes the list of the most haunted cities in America.  This history molded New Orleans into the fabulous city that it is today, full of mystery, intrigue, and personality.

We love visiting New Orleans and consider it our second home. While many of the hotels in New Orleans offer luxurious accommodation, some are known to come with an extra surprise or two (of the paranormal kind that is).  That is why we decided to put together this list of haunted hotels in New Orleans!

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, it is still fun and intriguing to hear the stories and take a peek inside the history associated with the ghosts in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that celebrates and embraces the dead.  This is apparent through the extravagant funeral processions, voodoo culture, and above-ground cemeteries. 

Let’s dive into haunted New Orleans by taking a peek at these historic hotels in New Orleans that are also haunted!

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Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Bourbon Orleans is one of the Haunted Hotels in New Orleans
Photo courtesy of Bourbon Orleans Facebook Page

You can’t have a list of haunted hotels in New Orleans and not include the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.  This historic hotel in New Orleans is known for hosting lavish events and famous patrons.  In addition to that, it has another claim to fame as one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans.

Prior to the hotel being built on this property, the historic Orleans Ballroom and Theatre called it home before it was converted to a convent in the late 1800s.  During the time that the hotel was a convent, Yellow Fever struck New Orleans, and many were known to have passed away while staying here. 

These conversions have given the property a rich history and have definitely lead to the paranormal activity visitors experience today.

There are several stories about hauntings at this New Orleans hotel.  Guests here have claimed to have not only seeing spirits but also having been slapped and kissed by them! 

Employees and guests say they often smell a cigar smell in the lobby before seeing an apparition of an elderly man sitting in the corner smoking and reading a newspaper!

The hotel’s second-floor ballroom has hosted many events.  If you’re “lucky”, you might run into the resident ghost that is said to reside here while attending one.  It is told that there is a dancer that can be seen swaying around the ballroom floor. 

Maybe they are waiting for their one true love to come and sweep them off of their feet?

In addition to these, there have been reports of a Confederate army soldier, children, and nuns roaming the halls. We love that the Bourbon Orleans has a private haunted history tour to ensure guests are well versed on their apparitions.

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Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone -Haunted Hotels New Orleans

Another one of the opulent haunted hotels New Orleans is the Hotel Monteleone.  This gorgeous hotel (which is still family-owned and operated), boasts over 500 guest rooms, a great French Quarter located, and the world-famous carousel bar. 

Known to be a New Orleans hot spot, the Hotel Monteleone has been drawing famous guests to its doors for years, including Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway.

According to the Hotel Monteleone’s website, the hotel is also home to lots of paranormal activity.  There is a tale that guests have seen former hotel employees still hard at work within the halls of this haunted New Orleans hotel. 

Guests have also stated that they have seen children playing in the halls only for those children to vanish before their eyes moments later.

One of the most noteworthy stories is the apparition of a little boy that is said to appear on the 14th floor of the hotel.  It is said that this young boy can be heard crying and searching the halls for his parents.  For you see, his parents are said to have died on the way back to the hotel after spending the evening at the French Opera House on Bourbon Street.  

It is also said that the hotel’s restaurant door is known to open every night after the employees know they have locked it.  It is also said that the elevator will stop randomly on the wrong floor.

Book your room and maybe you will get to experience some of this activity for yourself.

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Le Pavillon Hotel

haunted New Orleans hotel-Le Pavillio
Photo courtesy of Le Pavillon Hotels

Nicknamed “the Belle of New Orleans,” Le Pavillion hotel is definitely a New Orleans gem.  This 219 room hotel is located in the Central Business District, just minutes from New Orlean’s French Quarter.  This hotel oozes luxury with its beautiful French furnishings and attention to customer service.

While the building has been a hotel since its creation in 1907, it didn’t become Le Pavillon until the 1960s.  You see, not only does the building have a tumultuous history, but so does the land that Le Pavillon calls home. 

All of these contribute to the paranormal activity that exists today and has given Le Pavillon the reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans.

You see, the land that the Le Pavillon sits on was actually the Poydras river at one time.  That river was later filled in to create Poydras street and New Orlean’s first streetcar depot.  The old streetcar building fell into disrepair. 

It was eventually destroyed and replaced by the National Theatre in 1867.  The opulent theatre succumbed to the pressure of the times and is said to have transitioned into a place that allowed nothing but lewd and trashy performances.  The Theatre tried to rebrand itself back to its glory days but the building was lost to a fire, of which many paranormal investigators contribute some of the hauntings of Le Pavillon. A

fter the National Theatre went under, the building became two other hotels before transitioning to Le Pavillon.

It is really no surprise that places in New Orleans are haunted, but the Le Pavillon is REALLY haunted. 

One paranormal investigation team reported have encountered over 100 spirits during their one night stay!  Guests have reported seeing spirits over the foot of their beds and even been touched by the ghosts during the night. 

Others have reported their covers being taken off during the night and unexplained noises being heard.

There is said to be a well-dressed couple from the 1920s that often appears in the hotel’s lobby.  They are said to also be seen on the second floor and to frequent room 221.

We love that Le Pavillon embraces their ghostly guests.  You can request a pamphlet detailing the hotel’s haunted history if you would like to explore this some more. 

Of course, you can also request to stay in one of the haunted rooms if you would like also!  No wonder this is one of the most popular haunted hotels in New Orleans.

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Haunted Hotels-New Orleans

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

Dauphine Orleans Hotel-historic hotels New Orleans
Photo Courtesy of Dauphine Orleans Facebook Page

Head about a block away from the world-famous Bourbon Street, and you will find another one of the historic hotels in New Orleans, the Dauphine Orleans Hotel.

This hotel is a true oasis in the heart of the French Quarter.  The over 100 guest rooms and space on both sides of Dauphine Street, this hotel is known to be a luxurious and relaxing experience for guests. 

Well, at least for those guests that don’t have an encounter with the resident spirits.

Like many of the other haunted hotels in New Orleans, the land that the Dauphine Orleans Hotels sits on has an interesting history. 

In the late 1700s, a portion of the land was donated to create the Charity Hospital of New Orleans, a hospital that was inclusive of all people of New Orleans.  The hospital later sold the land that is today the Dauphine Orleans. 

This land was held throughout history by many wealthy families in New Orleans.  In 1857, May Baily’s Place (an “upscale” brothel) was opened on the property.  While a few years late, the White Elephant (a seedy, trashy brothel) also occupied space on this block.

The Dauphine Orleans Hotel was built in 1968, but parts of the structure date back to 1775, so it is no wonder that guests have been reporting hauntings ever since its opening.

One of the most popular is Millie, a ghost that is said to be one of the ladies working at May’s place.  The legend goes that Millie fell in love with a Confederate soldier and they were set to be married.  Unfortunately, her groom was shot the morning of their wedding over a gambling dispute. 

It is said that Millie would frequent May’s place in her wedding gown even after the death as she never recovered from the grief.  Guests claim to have seen a woman roaming the halls of the Dauphine wearing a wedding gown.  I guess Millie is still looking for her groom.

Guests have also reported seeing men in Confederate uniforms roaming the grounds.  This is no surprise though as soldiers were known to visit the brothels located here.

Employees working at May Bailey’s have reported numerous incidents. They have seen books fly off of shelves, and glass suddenly fall and break when no one was near them. 

It has also been reported that there is a ghost on-site that likes to lock rooms…from the inside!

If you aren’t into the paranormal, then the Dauphine Orleans may not be for you.

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Lafitte Guest House

Lafitte Guest House is one of the haunted hotels in New Orleans
Photo courtesy of Lafitte’s Facebook page

Given the fact that the Lafitte Guest House originated back in the mid-1800s, it is no surprise that this place is haunted! 

Of course, like many other places in this article, the Lafitte and its property have a sorted history.  This beautiful three-story French-style building is one of the most visited boutique hotels in the French Quarter. 

Boasting 14 guest rooms, a great courtyard, and on-site parking, it is certainly a wonderful New Orleans property.  It makes me wonder…is it because of the great location, the history, or the hauntings?

Like other areas around New Orleans, the land surrounding the Lafitte Guest House was once home to the Charity Hospital.  Yes, the same one that we mentioned above. 

Apparently, the hospital had several homes throughout its time in New Orleans.  Charity Hospital called this plot of land home until it burned down in 1809.  After that, records show that the property belonged to the famous pirates, the Lafittes. 

Even though their original home is no longer on the property, the hotel still carries their name since the property can be directly traced back to the famous pirate brothers.

Guests hoping to encounter the spirits that reside at Lafitte’s might consider booking the infamous Room 21.  It is said that the ghost of Marie haunts Room 21. 

Who exactly is Marie?  Well, Marie was the daughter of one of the hotel owners.  She was between 8 and 10 years old when she became extremely ill, presumably from yellow fever, and passed away. 

Guests have reported hearing her crying and coughing and have seen her reflection in the mirror.  It is also said that Marie’s mother died in Room 21 as well.

Of course, this isn’t the only area of Lafitte’s that has experienced paranormal activity.  Guests have also reported seeing lights turn on and off, items moved around, and strange noises being heard.

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Andrew Jackson Hotel

Ghosts in New Orleans haunt the Andrew Jackson Hotel
Photo courtesy of Andrew Jackson Hotel’s Facebook page

You can’t talk about the ghosts in New Orleans and not mention the Andrew Jackson Hotel.  The Andrew Jackson is on the National Registry of Historic Places, making it one of the historical hotels in New Orleans. 

This European-style hotel is in the heart of the French Quarter and boasts a great location to explore the city.

Of course, the property that the Andrew Jackson Hotel resides on has a history, so let’s dive in. 

The grounds that now house the hotel were once home to a boarding school and orphanage for boys who lost their parents due to Yellow Fever.  The boarding school burned during the 1794 fires that burned throughout the city. 

It was during these fires that the lives of five young boys were also lost.  After the boarding school, a courthouse stood on the property until it was demolished and the current building erected in 1890.

Guests have reported seeing a caretaker still working the halls of the hotel and fluffing pillows from time to time.  In addition, there have been reports of a young man that wakes up guests by laughing or pushing them out of bed! 

Reports of boys playing in the courtyard are also prevalent with guests saying they cannot see them, but they can definitely hear them.

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Omni Royal Orleans

Haunted Hotels New Orleans-Omni Royal Orleans
Photo courtesy of Omni Royal Orleans’ Facebook page

The gorgeous Omni Royal Orleans Hotel offers visitors fine accommodation, excellent service, and beautiful fine dining.  Combine that with the fact that the hotel is rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans, and you have visitors flocking to this New Orleans gem.

You see, the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel was originally built as the St. Louis Hotel in the early 1800s.  The St. Louis Hotel was known to be a hub for high society before it burned in 1841. 

The hotel was quickly rebuilt and even served as a medical facility for wounded soldiers during the Civil War.  The hotel changed hands many times and was in various states of being before becoming the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel.

Today, guests have reported seeing the ghost of a maid that roams the halls making sure visitors are comfortable and taken care of.  She has also been reported to tuck visitors into bed at night and to flush the toilet and run the bathwater at various times at night. 

The most common spiritual reporting from the Omni Royal is moaning noises throughout the corridors.

No matter what, you are bound to enjoy your stay at this historic hotel in New Orleans.

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Hotel Provincial

Hotel Provinical New Orleans
Photo Courtesy of Hotel Provinical’s Facebook Page

The Hotel Provincial houses 94 rooms right in the heart of the historic French Quarter.  Like so many of the other modern-day hotels in New Orleans, the Hotel Provincial has a diverse history.

It should come as no surprise that the hotel once served as a military hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War.  It is these soldiers that are said to still haunt the Hotel Provincial today. 

Guests at the hotel have reported seeing the ghosts of wounded soldiers all over the building.  They have also reported seeing complete surgery scenes and doctors operating over pools of blood.

This one might be a little too extreme for some, but just perfect for others!

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Audubon Cottages

Historic hotels New Orleans-Audubon Cottages
Photo courtesy of Audubon Cottages Facebook Page

Audubon Cottages are the essence of quaint southern charm right in the heart of New Orleans. 

Originally built in late 18th century, the Audubon Cottages have been meticulously cared for, updated, and maintained to the cottages you see before you today.  Visitors can book any of the seven beautiful homes to enjoy. 

Not only that, but they all enjoy a courtyard that houses what many say is the oldest swimming pool in the French Quarter.

If you are coming to Audubon Cottages hoping to encounter spirits, you might consider booking cottage two or cottage four.  It is these two cottages that seem to experience the most paranormal activity.   

For it is in these cottages that guests report hearing disembodied voices and seeing strange shadowy figures.  It is also here that guests will experience the radios turning on by themselves and playing country music and seeing the ghostly figure of a Confederate Soldier.

The Audubon Cottages are part of the Dauphine Orleans Hotel that we wrote about above.

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Le Richelieu Hotel

Le Richelieu New Orleans
Photo Courtesy of Le Richelieu’s Facebook Page

Le Richelieu Hotel is situated on a plot of land originally granted to the Ursuline nuns from King Louis XV of France.  The nuns built a lodging and hospital at this location that housed soldiers for over 100 years. 

It is said that this is also the plot of land where five French patriots were executed in the late 18th century and where a band of Spanish soldiers were executed as well.

The Richelieu now occupies two buildings, one dating back to 1845 and the other from 1902.  It is these soldiers that are said to haunt the Le Richelieu today.  Guests have reported seeing the soldiers walking the property in their uniforms.

Haunted or not, people love this New Orleans charmer and often return to it year after year.

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Learn More About the Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

I hope you have enjoyed our list of haunted hotels in New Orleans.  Hopefully, we have inspired you to stay at one of these beautiful historic hotels in New Orleans.

Keep in mind that we have only scratched the surface of all of the ghosts in New Orleans.  If you are interested in learning more about haunted New Orleans, then we definitely recommend booking a ghost tour during your time in the city.

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