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101 Ideas for Date Night in Dallas

101 Ideas for Date Night in Dallas

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Are you tired of the same old boring date of dinner and a movie?  We understand!  It is easy to get caught up in a dating rut.  That is why we decided to create this list of ideas for date night in Dallas.

There are so many great things to do in Dallas that you could stay busy for a year (or more).  By thinking outside the box, and possibly stepping out of your comfort zone a little, this list of Dallas date ideas will have you touring the town in no time!

To help you out a little, we have broken out list of date idea in Dallas into the following categories:

  • Fun Date Ideas
  • Romantic Date Ideas
  • Active Date Ideas
  • Cultural Date Ideas
  • Cheap Date Ideas

What are you waiting for, let’s get to dating!!

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Date Night in Dallas

Fun Date Ideas

Pocket Sandwich Theatre

The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is not your run of the mill live performance venue.  One visit here and you will understand what I mean.

This theatre is an intimate setting that allows its visitors to participate in the performance.  How?  Well, you get to throw popcorn at the actors!

You and your date will love the cozy environment where you can have food and drinks while watching a fun and entertaining performance.  One of their most popular shows is the annual staging of Scrooged, a spin on the classic Christmas tale.  Get tickets well in advance for this one as it is often sold out.

Of course, Pocket Sandwich has showings throughout the year with a fabulous variety and line-up, so you are sure to find one that suits you. Check out their schedule here.

House of Blues

Tread your date to a fun night of live music and some good Southern-style food at The House of Blues in Dallas.

This rock-n-roll themed venue has become a Dallas staple for great musical acts.  Not only that, but they are also known to bring in comedians and they host a gospel brunch!  The House of Blues is truly one of the fun Dallas date ideas.

You can check out their menu and schedule of events here.

Brewery Tour

Dallas is home to some really great breweries.  So grab your date, find a local brewery and head out to learn all about the brewing process, but to also try some of the brews.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Ok, I get that this might not be for everyone, but Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament definitely makes for a fun and unique date night.  I mean, where else are you expected to eat your entire meal with your hands? LOL!

Medieval Times allows visitors to enjoy dinner and a show based upon exactly what it says, “medieval times.”  You get to eat a huge portion of food all while being entertained with a live show that includes horse acrobatics and jousting!

Make the trip to Medieval Times more fun by dressing the part.  You never know, you might just laugh all night.

Get your tickets to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Pete’s Piano Bar

Pete’s Paino Bar is a dueling piano bar that serves up big laughs.  Not only will you get to enjoy some great cocktails while the piano men duel it out, but Pete’s also employs singing waiters.


If you’re in the mood for some laughs, then head straight to Hyena’s.  Grab a cocktail and a table and settle in to watch some of the best comedians around entertain you and your date for the evening.  Just be warned, they sometimes pick on people from the audience.

Museum of Illusion

Dallas date ideas-Museum of Illusion

For a fun and immersive experience on your date night in Dallas, why not try out The Museum of Illusion.  Here you and your date will be surrounded by incredible optical illusions that boggle the brain!

The Museum of Illusion has interactive displays where you can even become part of the illusion.  Not only that, but their helpful staff will take photos of you to ensure that you are able to remember your fun time here, so be sure to bring your camera!

Burlesque Show

This Dallas date idea might require you to step out of your comfort zone a little.  Take your date to see a Burlesque Show in Dallas.

If you have never attended a Burlesque show, you are in for a real treat.  Burlesque combines comedy, theatre, and story-telling, and some tasteful strip dancing to entertain its audience.  Check out Viva Dallas Burlesque to consider this date idea.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming ever so popular.  Why not jump on the craze and try your hand at one?  This is a great opportunity to see how well you and your date can problem solve together.

There are several escape rooms in Dallas to choose from with different themes.  Do some research upfront and find one that suits the style of you and your date.

Dallas Food Tour

date ideas Dallas

A food tour is definitely one of the fun Dallas date ideas on our list.  Not only do you get to try some amazing food, but you also get to learn all about the area you are touring including some fun facts and history.  In addition to that, you make new friends!

We did a Dallas food tour in the Bishop Arts District and had a great time!

Book your Dallas food tour here!  

Ghost Tour

A ghost tour is a fun and quirky way to learn all about the history and paranormal activity of a city.  You and your date can enjoy a couple of cocktails before hitting up a ghost tour to learn all about the great city of Dallas, Texas.

Check out this Dallas ghost and pub tour for a truly fun night out in Dallas.

Go Club Hopping

Dallas is well known for its great nightlife, so why not make this into a fun date.  Head to an area with a high concentration of clubs, like Deep Ellum.  Make an evening out of visiting several different ones to see which you and your date like the best.  Then, consider heading back to that club on your next date!

Attend a Concert

Dallas is full of great live music venues.  You can find concerts happening all over town, so why not turn this into a date night in Dallas?

Visit the Glass Cactus

Granted, the Glass Cactus is located just outside of Dallas in the town of Grapevine, but it is still a great date night activity.  The Glass Cactus has such a great, modern atmosphere and fabulous food and drinks.  Not only that, but they also have live music and a gorgeous outdoor patio.

Margarita Tour

facts about Texas: margarita

Did you know that the frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas?  It’s true!  This is one of the many facts about Texas that I love, and one of the reasons a margarita tour just makes sense.

This is even more fun because all you have to do is follow the Margarita Mile to make this happen.

Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is a world-class aquarium located right in the heart of downtown Dallas.  This fabulous date idea Dallas will have you touring a rainforest, being surrounded by sharks and stingrays, and laughing at active otters just to name a few things.

Chocolate Tour

Dallas is full of great places to eat, and that includes dessert.  Why not take your date on a fun chocolate tour.  You can take this tour to sample loads of delicious chocolate treats and to learn about the chocolate-making process!


Spend the evening laughing when you take your date to an improv comedy show in Dallas. We love watching the comedians create on the spot comedy from unknown scenarios.  You never know what you’re going to get!

Bet on the Horses

Date ideas Dallas-horseracing

Head over to Lone Star Park to watch the horse races.  To make this even more fun, why not see which of you can make the most money off of only betting a couple of dollars on each race.

Legacy Hall

Legacy Food Hall is a great place to plan a fun, progressive dinner.  Legacy is home to over 20 restaurants and bars serving up everything from burgers to sushi.  This makes for a fun date night in Dallas for sure.

Distillery Tour

Dallas is not only a food lovers paradise, but it is also home to some great distilleries, breweries, and wineries, so why not take advantage of that for date night?

Choose one of the many distilleries in the area.  Schedule a tour of the distillery.  Not only will you get to learn all about their distilling process, but you usually get to sample the spirits at the end.

Be sure and grab a bottle of your favorites and enjoy a cocktail or two while you are there.

Segway Tour

Ok, I admit it, this is one of our quirky Dallas date ideas.  Why not be a tourist in your own town though?

Grab your date and make a reservation for a Dallas Segway Tour.  This is a fun way to learn more about your city and just do something different!

Taco Tour

Dallas is famous for its tacos! For this date, hit up several of the great taco stops in Dallas like Resident Taqueria, Urban Taco, Tacos Mariachi, and Revolver Tacos.  Of course, these are just a few.

Have a “grading system” where you and your date rate the tacos and then a food review style interview with each other to showcase your favorites.

Cocktail Making Class

We all love drinking cocktails, but I also love to learn how to make them.  Make this a fun Dallas date night for you and your sweetie.  There are several places in Dallas that offer cocktail making classes.

Romantic Dallas Date Ideas

Take a Gondola Ride

Did you know you can take a gondola ride right here in Dallas?  It’s true.  You can even pretend that you’re in Venice all while cruising the canals in Las Calinas.

Wine Tasting

Date Ideas Dallas-wine tasting

Make a night out of wine tasting at the many great wine bars in Dallas.  Consider checking out Bodega Wine Bar for some great wine flights and a super relaxed vibe. You should also consider checking out Veritas Wine Room where they have over 400 different wines to choose from.

Cooking Class at Sur la Table

Doing a cooking class together is definitely a romantic date idea.  Consider taking a class at Sur la Table where you and your date can whip up a great meal together.

Staycation at The Four Seasons

The Four Season Resort in Las Calinas is the perfect place for this date night in Dallas.   Allow the staff at the Four Seasons to pamper you at their fabulous bars, restaurants, and spa.

The Four Seasons has spacious rooms with outstanding amenities to enjoy during your stay.

Manicure and Pedicure

A manicure and pedicure is a relaxing date idea.  There are numerous places around Dallas to make this happen from small shops to large spas.  Choose one that fits the vibe of your date and enjoy some pampering together.

Couple’s Massage

While we are on the subject of being pampered, a couple’s massage will definitely win you some brownie points with your date.  Book this one at a great spa, like the spa at The Four Seasons. That way you can enjoy the massage, a glass of bubbly or two, and all of the other fabulous spa amenities.

Dinner at Reunion Tower

Ok, I know, it’s dinner.  I had to include some dinner dates on my list.  Trust me though, the ones I did include are “special” dinner dates.

Head up to the top of Dallas’ Reunion Tower and treat your date to a fabulous dinner at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck.  Not only will you enjoy an impeccable meal, but you will also have a constantly changing view of Dallas as the floor slowly circles the orb-shaped building.

Ride the Swans at Fair Park

Dallas date ideas

Everyone associates Fair Park with the Texas State Fair, but did you know that you can visit Fair Park throughout the year?  It’s true.

One of the romantic things to do here is to paddle out in one of the swan-shaped boats.  Enjoy some great conversation and take a picnic lunch to round out this fun date.

Fondue Dinner

A fondue dinner is basically dinner and entertainment all in one.  This is because a fondue dinner is a marathon, not a sprint.

Head to The Melting Pot to treat your date to an incredible fondue experience.  Order a bottle of champagne, and have fun chowing down on cheese fondue before seeing who can cook their meat the best during the meat course.  Round out the meal by feeding each other strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue.

Spend a Day Soaking in Hot Tubs

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a hot tub, Dallas has you covered.  There are two large facilities in Dallas, Spa King and Spa Castle, that will make this date easy for you to plan.

Not only can you soak in their many hot tubs, but they also offer massages and other services.

Dinner at the Mansion

Dinner at the Mansion on Turtle Creek is definitely a splurge, but it is well worth it.  Here you and your data will relax in a romantic and upscale environment while being served some incredible food and drinks.

Dallas Arboretum

date night in Dallas the Arboretum

Spend the evening strolling hand and hand throughout the Dallas Arboretum.  The Arboretum will surround you will beautiful gardens and a lush natural setting to enjoy your date.

In addition to the great gardens, the Arboretum also hosts special events throughout the year.  We especially love visiting during Fall in the Arboretum when the gardens are transformed thanks to thousands of pumpkins and gourds.

Take a Sunset Cruise

Is there anything more romantic than being on the water during sunset?  We think not!  Lucky for you, Dallas is home to several lakes, making this date easy to arrange.

Progressive Dinner

A progressive dinner puts a fun spin on the traditional dinner date.  To plan this date, choose an area that has a high concentration of restaurants within walking distance of each other, like The Bishop Arts District.

After that, the concept is simple.  Have cocktails at one bar/restaurant, appetizers at another, dinner at a third, and then make the final stop a place to have dessert.  In between courses, feel free to walk around a little and explore the local shops.

Wine Tour

There are several wineries in and around Dallas, so why not treat your date to a wine tour.  You can plan this on your own by researching local wineries, or you can take a wine tour like this one. Either way, this is guaranteed to be a fun, romantic date.

Cooking Class at Central Market

Did you know that Central Market offers cooking classes?  They do!  There are several to choose from and they make for a great date night in Dallas!

Afternoon tea

Instead of the standard cocktails with your date, why not mix it up a bit and take your date out to an afternoon tea?  This is a laid back date that feels stress-free.  Enjoy some good conversation while you sip tea and nibble on the great sandwiches and treat that accompany it.

Hibachi Dinner

Talk about dinner and a show, hibachi accomplishes both.  We love interacting with the chef as they cook up fabulous meals at places like Benihana.  To take this date up a notch, order some sake bombs also, just be sure you have a designated driver!

Active Dallas Dates

iFly Indoor Sky Diving

This adventurous date will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.  Try your hand at indoor sky diving on this fun date idea.  Don’t worry though, iFly gears you up and ensures that you will have a great time!

Go Kart Racing

Challenge your date to a go-kart race to accomplish this Dallas date idea.  There are several places in Dallas to make this date happen, like Dallas Karting.

Zero Gravity

To really get your adrenaline pumping, grab your date and head to Zero Gravity.  This thrilling amusement park has bungee jumping and zero-gravity thrill rides.

Ax Throwing

Ax throwing is another popular event in Texas.  Here you and your date can partake is some fun pub-style food before challenging each other to an ax-throwing competition.


Dallas date ideas-bowling

I know, bowling has been a popular date activity for ages, but the bowling alleys of today are not like they used to be.  Many of the bowling alleys around Dallas are contemporary facilities that serve up great food and cocktails to enjoy while knocking down some pins.

Paddle Boarding

Try out your sense of balance on this date.  Head out to White Rock Lake to rent your paddleboard and try your hand at this popular past time.

Go Trail Riding

When people think of Texas, they automatically associate us with cowboys and horses.  Let’s make this real by enjoying a trail ride with our date.

While there are many places to do trail rides in and around Dallas, consider taking this sunset trail ride to add to the romance of this date idea.

Play Pool

Grab your cue stick and your date and go out and play some pool for the evening. To make this date even more fun, why not make it a friendly competition where the loser has to buy the first round of drinks.

Go Rock Climbing

Even if you have never tried rock climbing, this is a great date idea.  There are several indoor rock climbing facilities in Dallas, so making this idea come to life should be pretty easy.  See who can get to the top fastest.

Top Golf

Hit some golf balls while enjoying some fun food and drink at Top Golf.


Paintball is another popular activity here in Texas, so why not try it out as a date idea? Team up with your date to defeat the players on the other team.  Fair warning though, the paintballs can hurt.

Dallas Zoo

Date night in Dallas-zoo

Spend the day walking around the Dallas Zoo and enjoying all of the fabulous animals that call it home.  We love that you can also feed the giraffes while visiting!

Ride a Mechanical Bull

Show off for your date (or at least have a good laugh) when you make your way to Gilley’s Dallas.  When you’re finished bull riding then be sure and do some dancing!

Laser Tag

Another fun activity is to challenge your date to a game of laser tag.  Consider having this date at a place like Main Event.  That way when you are finished lser tage, you can have fun with some of the other activities also.

Dance Lessons

How much fun would it be to learn to dance with your partner?  There are so many places that offer dance lessons in Dallas.  You can take all sorts of dance lessons from ballroom to county and western.

There are several country and western bars that offer free dance lessons throughout the week to help you accomplish this date.

Go Zip-Lining

Zip-lining is one of our favorite adventurous activities.  There are several places to go zip-lining in the Dallas area, making this one of the great Dallas date ideas.

Southside Ballroom

The Southside Ballroom is located inside of Gilley’s and is a great place to go dancing and to see a live show.

Go Roller Skating

Roller skating is definitely an active date idea.  You can visit one of the many roller skating rings in the area or lace-up your rollerblades and hit a local trail.


Spend the day in a kayak exploring the local waterways of Dallas.  You can rent kayaks and enjoy the great outdoors with this date idea.


Try your hand at racing when you take your date Speedzone.  Not only can you race cars here but you can also play mini-golf and arcade games!

Deconstruction Room

You might be wondering what is a deconstruction room.  Well, let me tell you.

A deconstruction room is a place full of random objects that you get to smash to pieces.  What a fun date idea!

Cultural Date Ideas Dallas

Dallas Opera

Ok, I know that the opera might not be for everyone, but remember, this list was about stepping outside of our comfort zone.  Besides, a visit to the opera allows you to dress up in fancy clothes.  That alone makes for a unique date for the majority of us.

If you have tried opera in the past and didn’t enjoy it, try to look for a more modern take on an opera and choose a performance that aligns with that.

Dallas Symphony

Another one of our date ideas in Dallas that allows you to dress up for the evening is to attend a performance at the Dallas Symphony. The Dallas Symphony is more than just classical music.

The Dallas Symphony is known to incorporate singers and dancers into their performance, so give them a try!

Live Performance at AT&T Performing Arts Center

Another great evening out is to buy tickets to a live performance at AT&T Performing Arts Center.  This venue offers a variety of plays and musical acts to choose from.

We have seen the Broadway shows Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Phantom of the Opera here.  We have also watched The Blue Man Group and the Nutcracker performances at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasser Sculpture Center is home to the modern and contemporary sculpture collection of Mr. and Mrs. Nasher.  Here you and your date can admire all of the beautiful works of art that have been incorporated into this 2.4-acre site.

Dallas Museum of Modern Art

Dallas is a great road trip in Texas

Adjacent to the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas’ Arts District is the Dallas Museum of Modern Art, one of the largest art museums in America!

The Dallas Museum of Modern Art is home to more than 25,000 works of art that span more than 5,000 years.  One of the great things about this is not only the fabulous works of art you will find here, but it is also free!

The Perot Museum

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science makes for a great Dallas date idea.  This museum, which is located in the heart of Dallas, is home to 11 permanent exhibits that allow you to get hands-on while learning about natural history and science.

In addition to the exhibits, the museum also has a great theatre showcasing amazing films.

The Holocaust Museum

OK, I am giving you fair warning on this one, the Holocaust Museum is an emotional experience, so choose wisely if making this your date choice.

With that being said though, the Dallas Holocaust Museum is an incredible experience.  During a visit here, you are transported back to the days of World War II and the tragedies that were associated with the Holocaust.

Frontiers of Flight Museum

Dallas’ Frontiers of Flight Museum is a fun experience for you and your date.  Here you will find 20 galleries showcasing the history of aviation and over 35,000 artifacts.  In addition to this, you can also get up close and personal with several air and space vehicles.

Dallas Heritage Village

Things to do in Dallas-Ft Worth

A fun way to explore Dallas’ history is to make a date at the Dallas Heritage Village.  Located in the historic old city park, the Dallas Heritage Village is home to a great collection of historic buildings representing the time period of 1840-1910.

Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour and find pamphlets throughout the property that tell the story of the village that surrounds you.  In addition to this, you will probably also interact with several of the volunteers here that will be dressed in period costumes to help tell you the story of Dallas Heritage Village.

One of our favorite times of year to visit Dallas Heritage Village is during the holiday season.  During this time of year, the village is transformed to celebrate a Christmas of the past.

Visit an Art Gallery

We already know that Dallas is full of world-class museums, but did you also know that Dallas is home to some great art galleries?  Take time to tour some of these fabulous galleries on your date night in Dallas.

Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum is a great Dallas date idea for history lovers.  Here you can explore than life and unfortunate death of President John F. Kennedy.

The museum is located in the old School Book Depository on the sixth floor.  This is supposedly where the fateful shot that took President Kennedy’s life was fired from.  Do some research and make your own decision on what version of this story (or conspiracy) you believe.

If this is really interesting to you and/or your date, then consider taking a John F. Kennedy tour.

Take a Painting Class

Painting classes have been trendy for several years now.  Take advantage of this trend and take your date to one of the fun BYOB painting classes offered throughout Dallas.  Not only will you have a great time, but you will also leave with a one-of-a-kind piece of art created by you!

See a Play at Fair Park

Music Hall at Fair Park is another great live performance venue in Dallas.  Believe it or not, this venue opened in 1925!

Today, you can enjoy one of many live performances here.  We especially love visiting during their Dallas Summer Musical series.

Do a History Tour

Dallas is full of interesting history, so why not make a date out of learning it?  There are several Dallas history tours offered throughout the city, so book one of your choice and treat your date to learning all about Dallas’ history.

Mesquite Rodeo

dallas date ideas-rodeo

Another fun idea for date night in Dallas is to visit the Mesquite Rodeo.  Grab your date and put on your cowboy boot before heading out to the Mesquite Rodeo.  Here you and your date can grab some fun junk food while you watch the cowboys and cowgirls participate in all of the great rodeo events.

Crow Art Collection

Another great art collection in Dallas is the Crow Collection of Asian art.  This museum is dedicated to the preservation and education associated with Asian art.  The collection consists of numerous pieces from China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea to name a few.

Check Out a Mavs Game

Dallas is home to numerous sporting teams, one of the most popular being the Dallas Mavericks.  Consider taking your date out to watch a fun night of basketball.

See the Dallas Stars

Another great sporting team that calls Dallas home is the Dallas Stars.  Grab your Stars hockey jersey and head to the ice to cheer on this Dallas home team.

Cheap Dates in Dallas

Do Some Yoga

Did you know that there is free yoga available in Dallas?  It’s true, there is!  One of the places to participate in a free yoga class is at Klyde Warren Park.  Go, grab your date and a couple of yoga mats to enjoy this cheap date in Dallas!

Klyde Warren Park

Speaking of Klyde Warren Park, just visiting the park can easily become a date night in Dallas.  This 5.2-acre park is an urban refuge created right over a popular freeway in Dallas!

Don’t let that deter you though.  Klyde Warren Park is a great little place to hang out.  There seem to always be events happening at Klyde Warren Park including live performance!  Not only that, but the park also offers places to hang out and relax.

Go Mural Hunting

Dallas Murals

Dallas is home to some really fabulous murals throughout the town, so why not make this one of your Dallas date ideas.  Create a silly scavenger hunt where you and your date can look for certain “items” in the murals.  There is some really great street art in Deep Ellum if you are needing help deciding where to go!

This makes for a fun and cheap date idea. See if you can find the mural pictured above during your mural hunt.

Take Fun Photos

Another cheap date idea is to grab your camera and head out on a fun photoshoot.  You can combine this with the mural hunting, or find one of the amazing green spaces in Dallas to have fun taking photos with each other.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

The Oak Cliff Nature Preserve is a 6.5-mile loop trail where you and your date can enjoy some outdoor exercise during your Dallas date.

Drive-In Movie

A drive-in movie experience is a cheap date night in Dallas that is also a unique experience.  Head to Galaxy Drive-In Theatre to enjoy this date night!

Fountain Place in Dallas

Fountain Place is an urban oasis in Dallas.  Here you and your date can enjoy 172 small water fountains to sit by and enjoy the Texas sun.

Trivia Night Competition

Trivia Night is a fun and cheap date night in Dallas.  Trivia nights are popular throughout the city, so find a themed trivia night that you and your date would enjoy and head out to test your knowledge.

Go Cycling

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike, you can still go cycling in Dallas.  There are several places that you can rent bikes to accomplish this date.

Hit one of the beautiful trails throughout the city parks to make this a fun and inexpensive date.

Hit Up the Local Food Trucks

Discovering the local food trucks of Dallas is a hidden gem.  The best thing to do is to research a few and then follow them on social media to see where they will be located.  Then, just plan your date!

Play Video Games

Adult video game arcades are increasing in popularity, and many offer specials throughout the week to entice you even more to come out and play.

Walking or Jogging at White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is a popular exercise sport for Dallas.  Lace-up your tennis shoes and head out the trails to enjoy some time outdoors with your date.

Go On a Pretend Shopping Spree

Take your date on a pretend shopping spree.  Make this one fun by choosing outfits for each other that you HAVE to try on and model for the other person.

Picnic in the Park

Date night in Dallas-picnic

A picnic is a great cheap date in Dallas.  Pack up a nice, but simple picnic and head out to Dallas’ “teddy bear park”, Lakeside Park.  Here you can enjoy seeing all of the fun teddy bear statues around the park before enjoying your picnic.

Dallas Farmer’s Market

Take your date out to Dallas’ Farmer’s Market to enjoy all of the seasonal and fresh produce offerings from the local farmers.  You can usually sample many of the items, making this an easy and cheap date.

Karaoke Bar

Even if you don’t want to sing, hitting up a karaoke bar is still fun.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Take your sweetie on a chocolate tasting at Dude, Sweet Chocolate!  This chocolate shop not only serves up great candies, but they will also teach you the process of creating delicious chocolate.

Final Thoughts on Date Night in Dallas

Hopefully, we have sparked your interest in some new date spots in Dallas.  Of course, this list of Dallas date ideas is not all-inclusive, so comment below so that we can add your ideas to our list as well!

If you want to do a romantic weekend away then be sure to check out all of the day trips from Dallas that we have as well. 

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