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Fabulous Lake Buchanan Cabins, RV Park, and Camping

Fabulous Lake Buchanan Cabins, RV Park, and Camping

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Are you looking for Lake Buchanan lodging? What if I told you that there is one fabulous resort that offers you Lake Buchanan cabins, a Lake Buchanan RV park, and Lake Buchanan camping all on one site? Would you be interested?

Well, it’s true. You can find all of this and more at the fabulous Canyon of the Eagles Resort located in Burnet County.

Here you will find great Lake Buchanan lodging options tucked away on over 940 acres of property that has direct access to Lake Buchanan in Texas!

Marty and I visited Canyon of the Eagles on a recent trip to the Highland Lakes Region of Texas, and loved every second of our stay. Canyon of the Eagles offers the perfect mix of amenities and serenity to its visitors, making this a fabulous Texas Hill Country getaway.

Keep reading to discover all of the great things that Canyon of the Eagles has to offer!

Full disclosure: Marty and I were guests of The Highland Lakes of Burnet County Tourism Board for this trip. As always, the opinions expressed here are completely our own and are unbiased. You can always trust us to give you an honest review of our experiences.

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    About Canyon of the Eagles

    Canyon of the Eagles is a Calibre Resort property located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just outside of Burnet, Texas. The resort is located about 1.5 hours northwest of Austin, making it an easy day trip from Austin.

    This area of the Hill Country is known as The Highland Lakes Region. It consists of five lakes and six fun small Texas towns. While this escape is perfect for a weekend getaway, there are so many things to do in the Highland Lakes of Texas that you could easily stay here for weeks at a time.

    Canyon of the Eagles is perfect for a relaxing getaway. The resort houses Lake Buchanan cabins, Lake Buchanan RV Park, and Lake Buchanan campsites. This ensure that they have something for everyone.

    In addition, their natural environment provides a refuge for many endangered birds including the American Bald Eagle.

    Lake Buchanan “Cabins”

    As we mentioned above, the Canyon of the Eagles Resort offers several Lake Buchanan lodging options. One of these options is to stay in their Lake Buchanan “Cabins.”

    Now, take note, I am using the word cabin loosely here. They have guest rooms that are located in 16 cabin-like buildings on the resort property. The buildings look like little cabins, and each building houses 4 guest rooms.

    While these are not your traditional Lake Buchanan Cabins (since they don’t have a kitchen), they are a great place to come and unwind. You won’t miss the kitchen anyway as there is a great restaurant on the property!

    Their 61 guest rooms are located inside cute cabin structures set throughout the resort area of their property. These guest rooms feature rustic furniture, stained concrete floors, and incredible beds and linens. Each room also has a private bathroom and one or two queen-size beds.

    Each building also has an outdoor porch area with chairs some boasting beautiful views of the lake.

    We stayed in a deluxe guestroom during our time at the resort. The deluxe rooms also include a mini-refrigerator, coffee pot, and microwave. Our cabin also had a porch with two outdoor chairs, a table, and an incredible view of the lake.

    Lake Buchanan RV Park

    In addition to the cabins, Canyon of the Eagles also offers visitors an opportunity to stay at their Lake Buchanan RV Park.

    The RV Park is a fully functioning RV area, ready for use. Guests have asphalt pads that will accommodate RVs up to 87-feet in length. The resort also includes electricity hookups, water, and sewer.

    Guests also have access to a bathhouse with restrooms and showers, a fire pit, picnic tables, and a nearby dumpster. Of course, you are also welcome to enjoy the park area and select resort amenities.

    The peace and serenity at Canyon of the Eagles makes this a great Lake Buchanan RV Park!

    Lake Buchanan Camping

    Canyon of the Eagles also offers a variety of Lake Buchanan camping sites to choose from.

    Groups can book Fisherman’s Point Campsite to enjoy private access to the Lake Buchanan shoreline. Here groups of up to 150 people can enjoy a lakeside campsite that is private and wooded.

    Smaller groups can choose from Tanner Point Campsite or the Chimney Slough Campsite.

    Tanner Point Campsite is a walk in only campsite. Here, tent campers will find that they have a picnic table, fire pit, nearby dumpster and port-a-potty all on site. In addition to this, campers in this area have access to the RV bath house, park amenities, and resort dining amenities.

    Chimney Slough Campsite are wooded and located close or on the lake. These sites also include a picnic table, fire pit, nearby dumpster and port-a-potty. The campers here also have access to the RV bath house, park amenities, and resort dining amenities.

    For sure, these Lake Buchanan campsites won’t disappoint.

    Canyon of the Eagles Amenities

    Overlook Restaurant

    The Overlook Restaurant at the Canyon of the Eagles Resort has both fabulous food and an incredible lake view.

    The chef-inspired menu at Canyon of the Eagles won’t disappoint. During our stay, Marty and I enjoyed dinner at The Overlook and it was incredible.

    Of course, I started with one of their fabulous martinis. I chose the cucumber martini and it did not disappoint!

    Our dinner started with the Overlook’s version of chicken wings, which were actually like little chicken lollipops covered in a tangy and slightly spicy sauce. In addition to the chicken wings, we also had the most delicious crab cakes I have ever eaten!

    We then shared an incredible fresh summer salad that consisted of salad greens, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, cheese, and a delicious vinaigrette dressing. Marty and I shared this salad and we still received huge portions, so keep that in mind when ordering.

    For dinner, I had the cod. This was a perfectly cooked pan-seared crusted sea bass. The waitress advised that they crust the bass with cornflakes that are seasoned with a bit of cayenne pepper. On top was a mango habanero sauce. The combination of these gave the fish a nice little heat that I loved! The fish was served with Texas pecan rice and green beans.

    Marty chose the Canyon Chicken. This dish consisted of a perfectly cooked chicken breast (with a nice crispy skin) that was topped with a delicious peach balsamic glaze. His chicken was also served with the Texas pecan rice and green beans.

    For dessert, we were treated to skillet peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce! It was all so delicious!

    The menu changes seasonally to ensure that guests are being served the freshest ingredients. Everyone we spoke to about the restaurant asked us if we tried the chicken fried wild boar, so I guess that is a crowd favorite. We will definitely put it on the list for next time!

    The Eagle’s Nest

    craft cocktail from Canyon of the Eagles, a Lake Buchanan camping site

    In addition to The Overlook Restaurant, Canyon of the Eagles also has The Eagle’s Nest. The Eagle’s Nest is an adults-only (over 21 years old) area.

    Here, guests will find several tables, a full-service bar, and a television. They have a great craft cocktail menu and several casual/snack food options.

    I truly loved the creativity of the cocktail menu. They have several martinis, including a Mexican Martini made from gold tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, agave, and orange and olive juices!

    Their margarita menu consists of several margaritas. One that jumped out at me was the Texas Heat Margarita. This margarita is made from Espolon Tequila and house-made jalapeno simple syrup and is garnished with a candied jalapeno! They also have several mules, and traditional cocktails such as sangria and a bloody Mary.

    For my first cocktail, I chose the Cherry Sipper. This cocktail consisted of Rare Scotch Whiskey, Cherry Herring, Sweet Vermouth, and fresh orange. It was served in a martini glass and garnished with cherries. This drink was so well balanced and was definitely easy to drink.

    For my second drink, I chose the the Texas Old Fashioned. You all know that I love a traditional old fashioned, so I was excited to taste the “Texas” take on this classic drink. The Texas Old Fashioned was made with Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila, agave, bitters and fresh orange, and it was amazing! Fair warning, this drink is strong! One is all you need.

    Marty and I chose to eat a casual dinner here one night as well. We ordered the burger and it was great. Our half-pound of beef was perfectly cooked and was topped with all the fixing and our choice of cheese.

    Hiking Trails

    One of the great things about Canyon of the Eagles is the nature that surrounds the property. When you check in at the resort, you are given a map outlining all of the great hiking trails around the property.

    We loved that there are trails available for all skill levels and abilities.

    Marty and I walked the bird and butterfly trail one afternoon and loved it. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow. You are surrounded by nature, and there are even little benches along the route in case you need to stop and rest. This trail was easy to navigate and would be acceptable for all ability levels.

    In addition to the bird and butterfly trail, we also down the Rocky Point Trail and did part of the Lakeside Trail, both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

    Along several of the trails, visitors will notice that there are wildlife blinds to take advantage of. You never know, you might see some wildlife while you’re out exploring!

    If you are interested in learning more about the flora and fauna of the area, then be sure and schedule one of the guided walks that Canyon of the Eagles offers. These walks allow you to accompany a Naturalist on an informative walk on one of the trails.

    hiking trail at Canyon of the Eagles

    Eagle Eye Observatory

    Canyon of the Eagles is considered a dark-sky location, making it a great place to partake in some astronomic viewing. To assist with seeing all of the fabulous stars and planets, the resort has an observatory right on site! Yes, you read that correctly, they have their own observatory!

    During your visit to the observatory, you will be joined by an astronomer for a 50-minute session where they will help you use the fabulous telescopes on property.

    This is a unique event and it often fills up quickly, so be sure to reserve your spot well in advance!

    Boat Cruises on Lake Buchanan in Texas

    You can’t visit fabulous Lake Buchanan in Texas and not get out on the water a little.

    If you’re like us and you don’t own a boat, don’t worry, Canyon of the Eagles has you covered as they offer guided boat tours of Lake Buchanan!

    Make your reservations in advance because you do not want to miss this 2-hour guided boat tour. I knew we were in for a treat when Captain Bill literally rolled out the red carpet for us to board his boat.

    Captain Bill taught us all about the history of Lake Buchanan and the surrounding area while he drove us around the lake, pointing out wildlife and points of interest along the way.

    The lake is beautiful. There are so many different types of terrain and vegetation that surround you while you’re cruising along on the water.

    While the entire trip was wonderful, the highlight was seeing Falls Creek Falls up close and personal. During our visit only the one main fall was flowing, but Captain Bill explained that after a good rainfall it is common to see several falls spilling over the cliffside. He also told us that the falls have never stopped flowing. That’s a rare occurrence in Texas!

    During our boat cruise, we saw several birds, some deer, and even a coyote swimming toward the shore! That was a first for all of us. LOL!

    Water Activities

    Canyon of the Eagles has several miles of Lake Buchanan shoreline property, making it the perfect place to go swimming. They also rent kayaks from their park store.

    If you are staying in the cabins, they there is also a pool that guests can use, giving you several options to cool off from the Texas heat!

    Fabulous Sunsets

    While visiting Canyon of the Eagles, be sure to make your way to sunset point about 20 minutes before sundown every evening. This fabulous are of the resort perfectly overlooks the lake.

    Find a spot on a bench with and watch the most incredible sunsets!

    Final Thoughts on Lake Buchanan Cabins, RV Park and Camping at Canyon of the Eagles

    I feel like the Canyon of the Eagles Resort is a place that you can return to time and time again. Whether you are choosing to stay in their Lake Buchanan cabins, rv park, or camping site, this resort is a real treat. There are so many things to explore on the resort and the surrounding area, you are sure to stay busy.

    We loved our time at the resort and feel like it would be a great place to return with our extended family!

    What would you like to do during your stay at Canyon of the Eagles? Comment below and let us know!

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