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Visiting the Fredericksburg, TX Wineries (Everything You Need to Know)

Visiting the Fredericksburg, TX Wineries (Everything You Need to Know)

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Did you know that Texas is the fifth largest wine producing state in the United States?  It’s true!  While you can find wineries throughout The Lone Star State, Fredericksburg, TX wineries are some of the most visited in the state.

Fredericksburg and the surrounding Texas Hill Country has quickly become a must-visit destination.  Featured in the New York Times and on HGTV, people are flocking to the charming little German town of Fredericksburg. 

Hence the reason we also included Fredericksburg on our couples bucket list.

While we are giving you the fabulous Fredericksburg, TX wineries, keep in mind that there many other things to do in Fredericksburg as well.  From a historic main street lined with shops and restaurants to great outdoor recreation, it is easy to see why Fredericksburg is also one of the most romantic getaways in Texas.

Fredericksburg is located about 1.5 hours west of Austin and about an hour north of San Antonio, Wine Road 290 stretches from Johnson City to Fredericksburg and is lined with wineries and tasting rooms. 

Wine road 290 is where you fill find many of the best wineries in Fredericksburg, making it the perfect place to plan a wine country girl’s trip!

With all of these choices, it’s hard to know which Fredericksburg, TX wineries you should visit.  Well don’t worry, you’re in luck.  We love Fredericksburg, we love wine, and we are from Texas. 

All of these things combined means we visit Fredericksburg often!

All of our visits has allowed us the opportunity to visit the majority of the Fredericksburg, TX wineries.  From the fun and quirky to the more sophisticated, Fredericksburg has wineries that appeal to all sorts of tastes.  So, we are sure that you will find some that appeal to you.

In this post, we are excited to cover the following topics:

  • Best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX
  • Fredericksburg wine tours
  • Fredericksburg vineyards
  • Fredericksburg wine tasting
  • Where to Stay in Fredericksburg
  • Other Things to do in Fredericksburg, TX

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    Visiting the Fredericksburg, TX Wineries

    Best Wineries in Fredericksburg

    The first question that we get asked when we talk to people about Fredericksburg wineries is, “What are the best wineries in Fredericksburg?”

    You know, this is a hard question to answer.  I feel that people’s taste in wine is so individualized. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I have my favorite wineries that I visit every time we are in Fredericksburg, I even made a post about the Fredericksburg wineries you shouldn’t miss, but I don’t really know if people would classify them as the “best wineries” in Fredericksburg.

    Therefore, for this post, I decided to give you an overview of some of the wineries I have visited and talk about a few of their highlights for you.  I hope that this will help you to decide which of these wineries would be best for you.

    Becker Winery

    lavender field at one of the Fredericksburg TX wineries, Becker Vineyards

    A little turn off Wine Road 290 leads you to the beautiful Becker Winery, one of the oldest wineries in the Texas Hill Country. 

    When you arrive at Becker Vineyards, you find yourself surrounded by 56-acres of vineyards and lavender fields.  Sitting amongst this you will find a charming German-style stone building that houses the tasting room and store.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there are lots of Fredericksburg, TX wineries that have a beautiful setting, there is just something about the charm of Becker that I love. 

    In addition to the vineyard and lavender fields, the estate also houses an underground wine cellar, a reception hall, and an old homestead log cabin, making Becker Winery one of the best wineries in Fredericksburg for a great environment.

    Upon entering the tasting room, you are immediately greeted with the smell of lavender and the smile of a friendly face.  Make your way to the bar and have a tasting.  Becker Vineyards offers a variety of wines to choose from ranging from sweet to dry.

    After completing your tasting, pick your favorite and then head outside to Becker’s huge outdoor patio area that overlooks their lavender and wildflower fields! On weekends you will find live music and a food truck to enhance your experience.

    If you are so inclined, you can also enjoy a complimentary winery tour that is offered hourly every weekend starting at 11:30 am and ending at 4:30 pm.  The tour at Becker Winery allows you to get an up-close look at the barrel room, the underground cellar, and more.

    Grape Creek Winery and Vineyards

    Now I know that comparing Tuscany to Texas is a beat statement but stay with me.  Now you know that I love Italy.  I mean, Marty has been there numerous times and see to include it on every trip we take to Europe

    When we first encountered Grape Creek Winery and read their slogan, “Tuscany in Texas”, I too was a skeptic.  That was until I stepped foot on their property.

    Grape Creek Vineyards has a large estate, over 100 acres to be exact, and is covered in vineyards, just like Tuscany. 

    Hop on their wine tour by tram and see for yourself.  During the tour you will see the lush vineyards, learn the history of the winery and get to see their winemaking process.  At the end of the tour, you get to enjoy one of their incredible wine tastings.

    After the tour be sure and visit Stout’s Trattoria which serves up delicious Italian and American fare to hungry visitors. 

    When you combine this with the lovely cypress trees, the tranquil water fountains and the amazing wine, you can quickly see why Grape Creek Vineyards is the best winery in Fredericksburg to experience a taste of Tuscany.

    Fiesta Winery

    Fiesta is one of the Fredericksburg TX wineries we love

    Fiesta Winery has two locations in Fredericksburg.  They have a tasting room on Main Street and a small shop with an outdoor courtyard off of Wine Road 290.

    I love visiting Fiesta Winery to taste all of their fun flavors.  Fiesta has both dry and sweet wines, but I have to admit, it is their sweet wines that keep me coming back. 

    One of my favorite things is to visit Fiesta in the summer and grab a bottle of Happy Trails, a light peach wine, to sip outside while listening to the live music that they offer.

    The atmosphere is colorful and inviting and all of their wines have such fun labels.  You just can’t help but feel at home at Fiesta Winery.

    Fat Ass Ranch

    The name of this winery immediately lets you know that you are in for a good time. Fat Ass Ranch, located off wine road 290 is a fun, unique wine experience.  For that reason, we definitely had to include it on our list of best wineries in Fredericksburg.

    The owners here will tell you that they just love wine and feel like wine can be used for many purposes, not just drinking.  They are not shy to suggest using your wine for marinades, to deglaze a pan, or to add to some vodka.

    Personally, I love their peach wine.  Don’t worry though, if peach isn’t your thing, Fat Ass has many other wines to choose from, including both sweet and dry varieties.

    We recommend Fat Ass Ranch for a laid-back good time with your wine.  Enjoy their outdoor area that has games, live music, and often food trucks!

    Pedernales Cellars

    Pedernales Cellars is a little jewel in Fredericksburg.  A visit here makes you feel as if you have escaped the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    Pedernales Cellars specializes in Spanish and Rhone-style wines.  Although I personally do not care for  Tempranillo, I hear they have an amazing one.  My wine of choice here is their delicious rose. 

    I love to grab a glass and head out to their fabulous patio to soak in the view of the Texas Hill Country.

    Messina Hof

    Messina Hof has a proud heritage in the state of Texas.  They were actually the fourth winery in the state!

    We love visiting Messina Hof while in Fredericksburg because we feel like they have something for everyone.  Honestly, I don’t think I have tried a Messina Hof wine that I didn’t enjoy.  Producing over 130,000 gallons per year tells me that other wine drinkers agree.

    Come to Messina Hof to enjoy a fun tasting in their big tasting room before grabbing a bottle to enjoy on their patio.  I love that Messina Hof also offers a small bed and breakfast on the property, The Manor Haus Bed and Breakfast.

    These are just a few of the many wineries in Fredericksburg, TX.  As I said, finding the “best” is so subjective.  I say just try them all and then figure out your favorites.

    Fredericksburg Wine Tours

    Taking one of the many Fredericksburg Wine Tours is always an option if you would like.  Not only do you have a built-in designated driver, but this is also a fun way to meet other fellow wine lovers and spend the day together. 

    Many companies operate wine tours in Fredericksburg.  Some to consider are:

    Majesty Wine Tours

    Majesty Wine Tours offers Fredericksburg wine Tours with several different packages to choose from.  Packages vary depending on how many wineries you would like to tour.  Some tours include lunch, brewery, and distilleries as well.

    290 Wine Shuttle

    Our favorite way to do a Fredericksburg wine tour is to hop on the 290 Wine Shuttle and create a tour of our own.  Guests can buy a day pass for around $30 and then hop-on and hop-off the 290 Wine Shuttle as much as they would like.

    The 290 Wine Shuttle runs up and down Wine Road 290 stopping at all of the major wineries.  You can even leave your purchased items with the driver and they will have them waiting for you at the end of the day

    Texas Wine Tours

    Texas Wine tours also offer several Fredericksburg wine tours to choose from.  They pick you up and drop you off at your lodging as long as it is within the city limits.  Texas Wine Tours also has tours that include lunch, brewery, and distillery tours.  Check out their weekday specials for even more savings.

    Fredericksburg Vineyards

    vineyard at Fredericksburg TX wineries

    Now, granted there are plenty of wine tasting rooms on Fredericksburg’s Main Street, but if you are only visiting the tasting rooms, then you are missing one of the best parts of Fredericksburg, the beautiful vineyards.

    The Fredericksburg Vineyards boast beautiful scenery and should definitely be visited during your time here.  Just imagine, gorgeous vineyards, stretching as far as the eye can see, dripping with gorgeous grapes just waiting to their turn until they become wine.  I mean, you have to see that!

    Visiting the vineyards in Fredericksburg allows you to enjoy your wine in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

    Some Fredericksburg Vineyards to visit include:

    • Becker Winery
    • Grape Creek Vineyards
    • Pedernales Cellars
    • Pontotoc Vineyards
    • Texas Heritage Vineyards
    • William Chris Vineyards

    Fredericksburg Wine Tasting

    Grape Creek Vineyards is one of the Fredericksburg Vineyards to visit

    Of course, our favorite way to get to know the wines offered at the different Fredericksburg, TX wineries is to do a wine tasting.

    Each winery generally offers some form of a wine tasting.  Most are structured where you pay a certain price and then choose x number of wines.

    You might find that some wineries offer wine flights for their tastings.  These are a little different as the winery has already paired several different wines together and then you pay for the tasting. 

    If you are doing a Fredericksburg wine tasting that includes a flight, you will probably find them separated into categories like “dry”, “sweet”, “red”, or “white”.

    No matter which tasting you choose, this is a great way to sample several wines to find your favorite!

    A fun way to do wine tastings in Fredericksburg is to join a wine trail.  I love the Hill County Wine Trail.  They offer several themed wine trails throughout the year.

    Participating in one of their wine trails is a great way to save some money.  You pay a fee per person and receive a passport book. 

    The book allows you to visit each of the participating wineries once during the trail period and receive a free tasting.  Note, there is a limit of four wineries a day just to keep you safe.

    Where to Stay in Fredericksburg

    You definitely need more than one day in Fredericksburg, so be sure that you have the perfect accommodations set up before you go, as Fredericksburg is a very popular tourist destination.

    There are several bed and breakfasts to choose from in Fredericksburg as well as many Airbnbs.  We really enjoy booking an Airbnb during our time here so we can feel like a local. 

    If you’ve never booked with Airbnb, then be sure to use our link to save up to $55 off of your first reservation.

    If you prefer a hotel, then there are several options in Fredericksburg.  Of course, we always check Tripadvisor first to get reviews first hand from guests.  Here are some of our favorites:

    The Inn on Baron’s Creek

    Fairfield Inn and Suites

    Hampton Inn and Suites

    Final Thoughts on Fredericksburg, TX Wineries

    As you can see, there are many fabulous wineries in Fredericksburg, TX for you to enjoy.  Honestly, new wineries seem to be popping up monthly in this area, so we so go back as often as you can.  I know that we certainly do.

    We would love to hear from you.  Do you have a favorite winery in Fredericksburg?  Tell us about it below.

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