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Visiting the Canton Trade Days (All You Need to Know)

Visiting the Canton Trade Days (All You Need to Know)

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The weekend before the first Monday of every month, the small town of Canton, Texas explodes with visitors.  What brings all of these people out to Canton, TX?  Well, Canton Trade Days of course!  If you have never visited Canton, TX trade days, then you are in for a treat!  This post will outline for you all of the necessary infomation to make your trip to Canton trade days a successful one.

We love the fact that Canton, TX can easily be a romatic getaway in Texas or a fun weekend with your friends.  Whichever you choose, we hope you have a great time in Canton!

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Visiting the Canton Trade Days

Where is Canton, TX?

Canton is a small town located northeast Texas, situated on highway I-20.  Canton, TX is an easy drive from most major Texas cities, making it easy to visit the Canton Trade Day.  Canton, TX is about an hour drive Dallas, 3.5 hours from Austin and San Antonio, and 2 hours from Shreveport.

This small town in Van Zandt County boasts a population of approximately 3,500 people according to the 2010 Census.  Don’t let the small population fool you.  On the first Monday of each month Canton will see upwards of 100,000 shoppers!  Meaning this charming town is swarmed with people for a few days each month.

What are the Canton Trade Days?

Canton TX Trade Days

The Canton Trade Days are the world’s largest flea market!

You see, back in the 1850’s, the circuit judge would come to Canton, TX on the first Monday of each month.  This drew people from all around to the city to observe the court proceedings.  Of course, smart business people took advantage of this influx of people and began selling their products during this time of the month as well.

The event has continued to grow over the years and is now a major event in Canton, Texas with over 6,000 vendors selling everything from handcrafted products to antiques.  Visitors from Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana flock to the areas to see what fun items they can get their hands on.  Designers love visiting Canton for the unique home furnishings and antiques you can find here.  Jewelry lovers will be in awe of all of the jewelry vendors available at Canton.  

The event runs Thursday-Sunday the weekend prior to the first Monday of the month.  Crowds are usually the least on Thursday and Friday, so if it is your first visit to Canton you may want to consider coming during these times.  

It is important to note that there is additional shopping all around the trade days grounds, some of which is air conditioned which is so important during the Texas summer heat.  One of the air-conditioned shopping venues is the Canton Marketplace on Highway 19.  

There is ample parking all around the trade days, but most of it is on grass, so keep that in mind.  Parking is generally $5 for the day and you will need cash!

What Should I Bring to Canton Trade Days?

The Canton, TX Trade Day grounds cover over 700,000 square feet, so you definitely want to bring comfortable shoes!  Of course, we always recommend that you check the weather as Texas weather can often be unpredictable.

Depending on the weather, you might want to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  You might also want to dress in layers and bring an umbrella.

In addition to dressing appropriately, you might also want to consider bringing some kind of little “cart” to haul around your purchases.  You will see people with all different kinds of carts on the trade day grounds.  Trust us, even the smallest of bags can get cumbersome after a while.  There is an area to rent carts if you would like to do this.

Insider Tip:  Bring cash, as some of the vendors do not accept cards. Better to be safe than sorry!  There are a few ATM machines on the grounds if needed.  

You can bring your pup as long as they are not aggressive.  I love seeing people walking around with their dogs in strollers.  They are just too cute! If you don’t have a “carrier” for your dog, then they are required to be on a leash and you are expected to clean up after them.

How Do I Navigate the Canton Trade Days?

Canton Trade Days is huge and it is easy to be turned around or not know exactly how to navigate the 450-acres of shopping.

First, I recommend getting a map.  A map will help you to not keep your bearings and therefore, not waste any valuable shopping time.

It is also important to know that the Canton, TX Trade Days grounds is separated into several area.  Take note of these areas:

  • Civic Center- The Civic Center is an indoor shopping area that is climate controlled. Here you will find mostly antiques and home décor.
  • Vendor Fields- The Vendor Fields are what I think of when I think of a good old country swap meet. The Vendor Fields are rows and rows of any and everything you can think of from tools to clothes to yard items.  This is where you can usually bargain for deals as well.
  • Trade Centers- There are four trade centers located on the property. These are large covered areas that house clothing boutiques, home décor shops, antiques, and more.  You will also find a lot of food shops in this area.
  • Row 46- Row 46 contains home décor, clothing, and many other hand made items.

What Will I Find at the Canton, TX Trade Days?

Canton, TX Trade Days has so many cool items to discover.  Way more than I could ever dream of putting into this post.

I love checking out the boutique clothing shops. There are all sort of styles at the trade days ranging from vintage to on-trend current styles.  The majority of the boutiques have small dressing rooms so that you can try your items on before purchasing as well.

Of course, there are antique and vintage items all over the grounds.  I love seeing all of the vintage doors and doorknobs that are available for purchase.  We also like browsing all of the old street signs that you find throughout the grounds.

Home décor is abound at Canton trade days as well.  Whether you are looking for something small to put on a shelf, or a huge piece of furniture, you can find it all at the trade days.

Really, I could go on and on about all of the items found here, but you get the idea.  To sum it up, you can really find anything and everything!

You will not go hungry during your visit either.  There are food and drink vendors found throughout the trade days.  Be sure you hit up the snow cone or homemade ice cream stands.  They are delicious!

What Makes the Trade Days So Popular?

Canton TX Trade Days

There are many reasons why the trade days are so popular.  I am sure one of the top ones is the fact that the trade days are a great place to spend the afternoon just walking around and browsing while soaking up some of the Texas sunshine.

The items in Canton are so unique and it is easy to find one-of-a-kind items, making Canton like a little treasure hunt.  Every time you visit is different as vendors change their merchandise to match the seasons.  I also love that you are support small, local business!

I am sure getting a good deal of these unique items is another draw for visitors.  While there are some booths that have set prices, there are still some vendors that will negotiate with you.  My motto is, “it never hurts to ask.”

The trade days also sponsors different events monthly, again making each visit a unique experience.

Places to Stay in Canton, TX

If you are planning to visit the Canton trade days, then you might as well stay in the area and make a fun weekend trip out of it.

While there are many places to stay in Canton, TX, we highly recommend the hidden gem of the city, the Silver Spur Resort.  When staying at the Silver Spur Resort, you can choose to stay in a cabin, a tiny house, or take advantage of their Canton KOA status and hook up your RV.

The Silver Spur is extremely clean and the staff is super friendly.  They have a pool, onsite restaurant and brewery, and loads of activities to keep you busy.  Read more about our stay in their cabins in Canton, TX.

cabins in Canton Texas

Final Thoughts on Canton, TX Trade Days

Overall, we love Canton Trade Days.  Whether you are looking for a fun trip out with the girls or a weekend away with your honey, you should really consider visiting the trade days.  There truly is something for everyone here.

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