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Chow Down On a Savannah Food Tour

Chow Down On a Savannah Food Tour

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One thing you need to know about us (if you do not already) is that Marty and I are food lovers!  I often joke that “I didn’t get these curves by not eating”.   I mean we have taken food tours in GalvestonDallasDublin, and Rome, so on our recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, it was only fitting that we take a Savannah food tour, right?!

Savannah is one of those places that you can visit time and time again.  I mean, there is a reason that it is listed as one of the fabulous weekend getaways in Georgia.  People come to Savannah from far and wide to experience the charm of the city!

It is no secret that Savannah is known for its southern cuisine and Marty and I could not wait to sink our teeth into some of it.  Don’t get me wrong though, we didn’t want to leave it to chance, or just go to the “touristy area”. 

No!  We wanted to hear and see from locals what places they recommend in Savannah and we know from experience that a great way to do this is by taking a food tour. 

Deciding this, we immediately added a Savannah food tour onto our list of things to do in Savannah, GA.

After doing some research, we decided to book with Savannah Taste Experience and allow them to introduce us to Savannah’s low country cooking.  Boy were we glad we did! 

While on our First Squares Food Tour, they introduced us to six Savannah restaurants that honestly, you shouldn’t live without!

*Note-we were guests of Savannah Taste Experience, but as always, all opinions are our own.  Also, this post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing through these links, we get a small commission at no additional cost to you. That Texas Couple is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Savannah Food Tour

​22 Square Restaurant

Our first stop on our Savannah food tour was 22 Square Restaurant.  Located inside the Hyatt Andaz hotel, 22 Square is a modern restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere. 

Normally those close down between 11 am and 4 pm, but because we were with Savannah Taste Experience, they served us between these hours, meaning we had the place all to ourselves!

This allowed time for everyone in our group to introduce themselves and state where they are from.   I was delighted to see that our group contained people from all over the United States and Germany! 

Our guide also took the time to teach us a little about Savannah and its history, specifically how the name of the restaurant was derived from Savannah’s historic 22 squares.

When our first dish arrived, I was in awe.  Appearing in front of me was a beautifully presented bowl of fresh shrimp and grits.

When I mentioned in the title that these are restaurants you shouldn’t live without, 22 Square is the perfect example.  I have eaten shrimp and grits many times in my life. 

Prior to this, my favorite was at a restaurant in New Orleans.  Notice I said, “prior to this”.

The shrimp and grits from 22 Square were cooked perfectly.  The shrimp was amazing and fresh, and the grits were creamy and buttery. 

Combine that with the crunch onion strings and tiny diced potatoes on top and you have the perfect bit all in one bowl.  I highly recommend you try the shrimp and grits from 22 Square in Savannah, GA.

shrimp and grits on the savannah food tour one of the things to do in Savannah GA

Pie Society

pie society is one of the stops on the Savannah food tour

After leaving 22 Square, we made our way through City Market to our next stop, Pie Society.  Now, I don’t want to mislead you.  Pie Society is probably not what you think of when you think of a typical restaurant. 

You see, Pie Society is tucked away in a tiny corner of a historic building in City Market.  Instead of fancy tablecloths and waiters, you will find a couple of small cozy tables in front of a big display case containing all sorts of yummy pies!

Specializing in traditional British pies, the Pie Society prides itself on bringing a taste of the UK to the US. 

They bake savory pies, their own bread, fresh scones, and a wide array of UK and American desserts. 

Not only that, but they do so with only fresh ingredients.  Meaning they do not use anything artificial in their pies!

We had the joy of tasting a sausage roll during our tour, and man was it delicious.  The flaky pastry crust just enveloped a delicious sausage that almost melted in your mouth. 

I am pleased to say that Marty and I visited Pie Society again before we left Savannah all thanks to our Savanah Food tour!

Molly MacPherson’s Pub

The next stop on our Savannah Food Tour was Molly MacPherson’s Pub.  When we walked into Molly McPherson’s, I immediately told Marty that I felt like we were back in Scotland.

Molly McPherson’s is a Scottish pub located right in the heart of Savannah’s historic district that boasts both Scottish and American fare.  According to their website, they also have the largest single malt whiskey collection on the east coast.

During our visit, we enjoyed the shepherd’s pie.  The blend of ground beef and vegetables cooked in a wonderfully seasoned brown gravy was so flavorful. 

They topped all of that with yummy mashed potatoes and then toasted shredded cheddar cheese on the top.  We learned that this was a family recipe handed down over generations, which, in my opinion, made it taste even better.

Ordinary Pub

Molly McPherson's is one of the Savannah food tour stops

Leaving Molly McPherson’s, we realized that we were quickly starting to get full.  I reminded Marty and myself that we have to pace ourselves on these tours.  It is a lot of food.

After a short walk down Broughton Street, the main shopping street in Savannah, we arrived at our next stop, the Ordinary Pub.  Upon entering, I was immediately intrigued as we made our way down the stairs (below street level) to the restaurant.

I could tell that the Ordinary Pub was no ordinary pub.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting with a modern twist that exactly matched their menu. 

The Ordinary Pub treated us to the pork belly donut sliders and boy, were they divine! 

I mean, how can you go wrong with slow roasted pork belly and bacon onion jam sandwiched in between a glazed donut? 



Thankful for some time to walk off some of this food, our group proceeded through Savannah’s beautiful streets and town squares as we made our way to our stop, Zunzie’s

Along the way, we learned more about Savannah’s history and heritage including some of the movies that were filmed here in Savannah.  I especially loved hearing about Forrest Gump since I have watched that movie like a million and one times.  LOL!

When we arrived at Zunzie’s, we discovered that we were in for a special treat.  We were about to try “the best sandwich in Georgia”.

I will tell you that Zunzie’s is a carry out establishment.  There are several outdoor tables to eat at, but apparently, most people get their sandwiches to go.  That is exactly what we did also

After receiving our Conquistador sandwich, we made our way to the local square to sit on a park bench and sink our teeth into Georgia’s best sandwich.  The Conquistador is chicken, Romaine lettuce, tomato, Zunzi’s Dressing and ‘Shit Yeah Sauce’ all stuffed in fresh French bread. 

I have to tell you this sandwich is definitely a delight for your taste buds.  Make sure you get the ‘shit yeah sauce’ as it doesn’t taste the same without it!

Savannah Bee Company

Our final stop on our Savannah food tour was at Savannah Bee Company.  Considering the fact that we were completely stuffed at this point, Marty and I were excited that our sweet ending to the tour would be a honey tasting. 

Little did we know that we were getting so much more than a little tasting of honey!

The tasting introduced us to the fabulous Savannah Bee Company and its mission to save the bees.  We learned so much about honey production while tasting the various honey offered at Savannah Bee Company. 

I especially loved the whipped honey.  It was delicious!

It is important to note that Savannah Bee Company is so much more than just honey.  They have numerous beauty products and a mead-sampling bar!  I mean, mead is just wine made from honey, so you HAVE to do a tasting!

savannah bee company tasting board

Final Thoughts on Our Savannah Food Tour

We have been on many food tours during our travels.  The thing that we loved about Savannah Taste Experience (well, besides the great food) was their efficiency.  The timing on their tour was the best that we have ever experienced. 

Each stop allowed enough time to enjoy the experience but not so much time that you felt like you were wasting your vacation.

We highly recommend taking a Savannah food tour with Savannah Taste Experience.

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