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85 Quotes About Italy to Inspire Your Wanderlust

85 Quotes About Italy to Inspire Your Wanderlust

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Quotes about Italy instantly transport my thoughts back to one of my favorite places on Earth.  If you know me, I have a heart for wanderlust.  I mean, I listen to songs about travel, read inspirational travel quotes, and seem to dream of travel non-stop.

Italy has stolen the heart of so many throughout history, making it no surprise that Italy continually tops the lists of best countries in the world.  Boasting beautiful landscapes, incredible food and wine, and an amazing (and well-preserved) history, it is no wonder that people dream of Italy!

Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Italy yet, we hope that this list of Italian quotes will inspire your wanderlust!

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Quotes About Italy

Italian Quotes About Venice

Venice is such a magical place. It will steal your heart as you roam around the maze of buildings and canals just waiting to see what will greet you around the corner.  I’m sure that feeling is what inspired these Italian quotes about Venice.

Italian quotes about Venice

“If I could live in one city and do every single thing I do there, I would choose Venice. You can’t turn your head without seeing something amazing.” – Nile Rodgers

“Venice is eternity itself.” – Joseph Brodsky

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” -Truman Capote

“Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.” – Frida Giannini

“Venice, it’s temples and palaces did seem like fabrics of enchantment piled to heaven.” -Percy Bysshe Shelley

“Everything in Venice is just a little bit creepy, as much as it’s beautiful.” – Christopher Moore

“See Venice and die,” Is that what they say? Or is it Rome?” -The Talented Mr. Ripley

“It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the feeling of a city like Venice, where everything is just beautiful color and gorgeous buildings that are so peaceful.  You can roam around and get lost in the labyrinth.” -Nanette Lepore  

Quotes About Rome

Ah, Rome, the Eternal City!  Rome engulfs visitors in history while still moving on with the modern world all around.  It is the perfect juxtaposition of modern and historical, thus inspiring so many great quotes about Rome.

quotes about Rome

“Rome seems a comfort to those with the ambitious soul of an artist or a Conqueror.” -Pietros Maneos

“Italy will never be a normal county. Because Italy is Italy.  If we were a normal country, we wouldn’t have Rome.” -Matteo Renzi

“All roads lead to Rome.” -Unknown

“Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world.” -Venerable Bede

“Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.” -Robert Di Niro

“Just Roman around.” -Unknown

“Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.”  – G K Chesterton

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“Each, in its own way, was unforgettable. It would be difficult to — Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.”  – Audrey Hepburn

“Rome is the city of echos, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.” -Giotto Di Bondone

“Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.” -Anotole Broyard

“I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.” -Agustus

“Rome is but a wilderness of tigers.” -Titus

“To Rome, for everything.” -Miguel de Cervantes

“Methinks I will not die quite happy without having seen something of that Rome.” -Sir Walter Scott

“I am a sucker for those traditional places, and Rome is as good as it gets, particularly when you throw in Italian food.” -Roger Federer

“Rome, the city of visible history.” -George Eliot

“If I’m in Rome for only 48 hours, I would consider it a sin against God to not eat cacio e pepe, the most uniquely Roman of pasta, in some crummy little joint where Romans eat. I’d much rather do that than go to the Vatican. That’s Rome to me.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Marcus Aurelius: What is Rome, Maximus? Maximus: I’ve seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark, Rome is the light.” -Gladiator

“If we could be reborn wherever we chose, how crowded Rome would be, populated by souls who had spent their previous lives longing to inhabit a villa on the Janiculum Hill.” -Francine Prose

“Rome is not like any other city. It’s a majestic museum, a living room to tiptoe through.” -Alberto Sordi

“The thing I love about Rome is that it has so many layers. In it, you can follow anything that interests you: town planning, architecture, churches, or culture. It’s a city rich in antiquity and early Christian treasures, and just endlessly fascinating. There’s nowhere else like it.” – Claire Tomalin

“A fool is one who admires other cities without visiting Rome.” -Francesco Petrarca

“Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.” -Roman Holiday  

Italian Quotes About Food

One of the treasures of Italy is the food!  I think that most of us agree that Italian food has a special place in our hearts. With that in mind, it is no wonder that it is so easy to find Italian quotes about food also!

Italian quotes about food

“In Italy, food is an expression of love, it is how you show those around you that you care for them.” -Joe Bastianich

“Italy will always have the best food.” – Diane von Furstenberg

“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.” -George Miller

“All of my youth growing up in my Italian family was focused around the table. That’s where I learned about love.” – Leo Buscaglia “Life is too short. If we’re in Italy, have pizza and pasta. But not every day.” – Harley Pasternak

“Watching Italians eat (especially men, I have to say) is a form of tourism the books don’t tell you about.  They close their eyes, raise their eyebrows into accent marks, and make sounds of acute appreciation. It’s fairly sexy.” -Barbara Kingsolver

“As they say in Italy, Italians were eating with a knife and fork when the French were still eating each other. The Medici Family had to bring their Tuscan cooks up there so they could make something edible.” -Mario Batali

“The commonplace about Italian cooking is that it’s very simple; in practice, the simplicity needs to be learned, and the best way to learn it is to go to Italy and see it firsthand.” – Bill Buford

“As they say in Italy, Italians were eating with a knife and fork when the French were still eating each other. The Medici family had to bring their Tuscan cooks up there so they could make something edible.” – Mario Batali

“Travel is not about finding yourself, it is about finding pizza.” -Unknown

“So… Italian gelato. Take the deliciousness of a regular ice-cream cone, times it by a million, then sprinkle it with crushed-up unicorn horns.” – Jenna Evans Welch

“When in Italy, carbs are no longer a sin.” -Unknown

“If your mother cooks Italian food, why should you go to a restaurant?” – Martin Scorsese

“I’m definitely looking forward to the day when I stop working – If I stop working. I like the idea of feeling over in my tomato vines in Sardinia or Northern Italy.” -Anthony Bourdain  

Italian Love Quotes

Like I said above, it is hard to visit Italy and not fall in love with this fabulous country.  Hopefully, these Italian love quotes can help us all to see the deep love for Italy that is shared by so many!

Italian love quotes

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi

“Open my heart and you will see Graved inside of it, “Italy”.” – Robert Browning

“Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.” – Bertrand Russell

“I’m in love with a city on the other side of the world.” -Unknown

“I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitudes of Italians.” – Elton John

“For sure, in Italy, the sun always shines.” – Aleksandar Mitrovic

“I find that other countries have this or this, but Italy is the only one that has it all for me. The culture, the cuisine, the people, the landscape, the history. Just everything to me comes together there.” –  Frances Mayes  

cinque terre

“Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There’s no looking at a building after seeing Italy.” — Fanny Burney

“In America, one must be something, but in Italy one can simply be.” -Pietros Maneos

“A man has not fully lived until he experiences that gentle balmy clime of ancient empires, the land of lemon trees and the genius of Michelangelo.”  — E.A. Bucchianeri

“The Creator made Italy by designs from Michelangelo.” -Mark Twain

“What is the fatal charm of Italy? What do we find there that can be found nowhere else? I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago.” — Erica Jong

“Italy was where the soul went to find calm and love, and I wanted to hold the best of it in the palm of my hand.” – Lisa Brennan-Jobs

“I love places that have an incredible history.  I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitudes of Italians.” -Elton John “If you can’t live longer, live deeper.” -Italian proverb

“The Italians have long known what makes a livable town or city.” -Norman Foster

“Leaving a pizza my heart in Italy.” -Unknown “For us to go to Italy and to penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery.” – D.H. Lawrence

“There is something majestic in the bad taste of Italy.” -E.M. Forster “A man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority.” -Samuel Johnson  

Pisa church

“You cannoli do so much on one vacation.” -Unknown

“We are fortunate: Florence isn’t just the cradle of art- it is a city that celebrates the art of living well.” -National Geographic

“There’s no place like Rome, there’s no place like Rome.”

Quotes About Italy: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our quotes about Italy have inspired you to go to Italy, or have taken you down memory lane if you have already visited.  Please use these as you see fit.  We will be updating our list from time to time, so if you didn’t see one of your favorite Italian quotes on here, please leave it in the comments below.

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