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55 Ideas for Date Night in Fort Worth

55 Ideas for Date Night in Fort Worth

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Are you tired of the same old boring date nights?  Well, if you live in Fort Worth, TX then there is no need to keep doing dinner and a movie all the time.

Date night in Fort Worth can be exciting.  Not sure where to start looking for date night ideas?  Well, you’re in the right place.

We have outlined some awesome date ideas in Fort Worth right here for you.  Whether you are in the mood for adventure, fun, or romance we have you covered and you can find them all in Fort Worth, TX!h

One of my favorite friends traveling quotes is, “As soon as I saw you, I knew that a grand adventure was about to happen.” -Winnie the Pooh. 

This quote is super true for Marty and me and we try to keep the adventures alive whether we are traveling or close to home.

That is part of the reason I created this post on date ideas.  Always keep the grand adventure alive!

Don’t worry, if you live in Dallas, we also have some great ideas for date night in Dallas!

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    Date Night in Fort Worth

    Fun Date Ideas in Fort Worth

    Attend a Cooking Class

    A cooking class is a great way to connect with your date.  Most are taught by expert instructors and include everything you will need for a nice meal.

    Many cooking classes even specialize in certain foods on different nights, so you could plan a whole themed date around that food region.

    For example, if your date loves Italian food, then attend a cooking class offering Italian cuisine before taking him/her out for gelato.

    Take a Ghost Tour

    I know this one sounds a little quirky, but ghost tours can really be a lot of fun.  We love attending ghost tours to learn more about the history of an area.

    We recently took a ghost tour in the Fort Worth Stockyards and learned so much about our hometown.  I think Marty even captured an apparition in one of his pictures!

    Watch a Football Game

    You don’t have to attend a Cowboys game to accomplish this date night, although you could!  Everyone from Texas is familiar with Friday night lights, so grab your date and try for one of our many high school football games.

    Better yet, if either of you is from Texas, why not go to your hometown to watch one of their entertaining football games?

    Monkey Around at the Zoo

    Most of us don’t really think of making a visit to the zoo as adults, but the zoo can be a great date.  Roaming around hand in hand while you enjoy all of the zoo attractions.

    Channel your inner kid and enjoy the petting zoo even. Lucky for you, the Fort Worth Zoo is a world-class establishment!

    gorillas at the zoo-Things to do in Dallas-Ft Worth and date night in Fort Worth at the zoo

    Play Mini Golf

    I know, mini-golf isn’t exactly a “new” suggestion, but I do feel like it is one that we often forget about.  I mean, who doesn’t love a round of mini-golf?

    Make it a competition with the winner buying dessert or drinks to spice it up a little.  LOL!

    Laugh at Some Improv

    Sharing a good laugh together is the perfect way to connect with someone and thus a fabulous Fort Worth date idea.

    We love going to visit Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth’s famous Sundance Square.  I mean, there was a reason they were voted “Best Entertainment Experience in Texas”.

    Learn to Dance

    Why not spend the night learning to dance?  There are lots of places in Fort Worth, TX that offer dance lessons.

    The iconic, Billy Bob’s Texas offers dance classes to go along with the live music, why not go and give them a try.  If nothing else you can get in another good laugh.

    Play Arcade Games While Drinking

    Challenge your date to a few rounds of your favorite arcade games while enjoying a cocktail or two.  Barcadia is a nice local place to visit and play nostalgic arcade games.

    Check out their website for their specials that might save you some money as well.

    Catch a Baseball Game

    Of course, you can go to our neighboring city, Arlington, and watch the Texas Rangers play major league ball to accomplish this date night.  But, if that is a little more than you want to deal with, then why not watch the local Fort Worth Cats play instead?

    Check out their schedule here to help you plan your next outing to the ball park.  Don’t forget to buy your date some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. 🙂

    Take a Boat Tour

    Speaking of lakes, consider enjoying one of the many lakes in our area from a different view.  Rent a boat and take your date out on a boat tour. This is especially a good weekend date idea.

    Sample All the Food

    Head down to the trendy West 7th Street and visit the local Food Hall at Crockett Row.  Here you can sample all of the tasty food treats that the vendors are serving up.

    Our personal favorite, the waffles from Press Waffle Company! They are so unique and creative.

    Watch a Rodeo

    Did you know that there is a rodeo in the Stockyards every Friday and Saturday night?  Well, there is! So head to the Stockyards on the weekend for this creative outing!

    Go to a comedy club

    As we said before, a good laugh on a date is the perfect way to connect with one another, and a visit to a comedy club will give you just that.  How about heading to a local comedy club together and allowing the comedians to entertain you for the evening.

    There are several comedy clubs in the Sundance Square area, so consider visiting here when you’re ready for this fun date night.

    Go Bowling

    Another fun date idea is bowling.  Lace on those fine-looking shoes and challenge each other to a game of bowling while the two of you sip beer and eat nachos.

    Bowling makes for the perfect couples date.

    Do a Progressive Dinner

    Progressive dinners are so creative.  Start out your food journey by having cocktails on a fabulous rooftop bar like Stirr.  After cocktails, choose a different restaurant for appetizers, then a different place for dinner, before the last stop for dessert.

    If you start off at Stirr, then consider keeping your other bar and restaurant choices down in the 7th Street area so you can easily walk from place to place.

    Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth is another good area to do a progressive dinner in as it is easily walkable and has numerous bar and restaurant choices.

    Take Painting Classes

    Paint classes have become so popular and are truly a fun date night.  Grab a bottle of wine (as most are BYOB) and go and show your creative side.

    This is the perfect opportunity to chat with each other while having a nice activity to keep you interested in as well. They even have couples painting classes.

    See a Concert

    Find a concert to attend and dance and sing the night away to some live music. This is one of those activities that you can repeat over and over and always have a different experience.

    Do a Distillery Tour

    We absolutely love all of the new distilleries opening up in the Fort Worth, TX area.  Another awesome weekend suggestion is to take a distillery tour and then have some craft cocktails at the end of the night.

    We recently toured Trinity River Distillery where they make Silver Star Whiskey and Vodka.  Not only was the tour informative, but the tastings were fabulous also.

    We chose a bottle of their honey whiskey to bring home with us! A distillery tour is also fun to do with other couples.

    Date Night Fort Worth-Trinity River Distillery

    Check Out Some Vintage Planes

    Spend some time admiring the vintage plane collection at the Vintage Flying Museum.  You never know, your date might secretly be a pilot.

    Go to the Drive In Movies

    A night at the drive-in movie theatre will make you feel like you have been transported back in time.  Head to Coyote Drive-In and snuggle up in the car while watching your movie.

    Attend a Car Race

    Take your sweetie out to Texas Motor Speedway to enjoy the thrill and excitement associated with the professional car races that they host.  I guarantee you this isn’t a date they go on often.

    Watch an IMAX Movie

    There is just something about a movie on a huge screen.  It makes you feel like you are actually in the picture instead of just watching it.

    Take a Ride on the Railroad

    Board the Grapevine Vintage Railroad: Tarantula Steam Train in the Stockyard Station to enjoy a fun vintage train experience. This is definitely one of our unique date night ideas.

    Tour a Brewery

    Most people from Fort Worth are aware that you can take tours of the Budweiser Brewing Plant, but did you also know that many of our microbreweries offer tours as well?

    Of course, after taking the tour, you are obligated to hang out and drink a beer.

    Romantic Date Ideas in Fort Worth

    Take a Wine Tour

    Wine just screams romance.  Take your sweetie on a wine tour at one of the many vineyards in the Fort Worth area.  Afterward, you can purchase your favorite bottle and enjoy it on a picnic in the vineyards for a truly romantic weekend activity.

    Listen to Some Jazz Music

    Enjoy a night out listening to some great jazz music can make for a very romantic night out, especially on the weekend. There is a great jazz lounge in Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth called Scat.

    Scat offers live jazz music that is sure to please. Be sure to check it out.

    Have a Romantic Dinner

    We had to put this on the list.  Think outside of the box though.

    Don’t go to the typical restaurants, choose some small quaint restaurant or find the perfect little corner booth to hide away in so that the evening feels romantic and special. Try to make your food and music choice romantic as well.

    Drinks on a Rooftop

    Rooftop drinks are a great way to get the evening started.  There are several great rooftop bars in Fort Worth to enjoy drinks, including one of our favorites in Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth is  The Reatta.

    Check Out a Live Performance

    Live theatre is always romantic and lucky for you, Fort Worth has plenty of live venues to choose from.  For a nice evening out, consider going to Bass Hall for some live music or a comedy performance.

    If you want something more intimate, then Circle Theatre in Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth is the place for you.

    Picnic in the Botanic Gardens

    A picnic is always a romantic idea.

    Pack up the perfect picnic for two and head to the Botanic Gardens.  Find the perfect spot among nature to sit and talk while enjoying the lovely scenery.

    botanical gardens-date night in Fort Worth

    Do Some Stargazing

    The city lights do tend to deter this a little, but on a clear night, you can still see plenty of stars out.

    If the weather isn’t cooperating, you can still go on a romantic stargazing date.  Just head to The Noble Planetarium instead.

    Drink Some Wine

    Doing a wine tasting makes for a great night in Fort Worth.  Many local wine bars offer tastings.  Order a cheese board and you have the makings for a great romantic evening before buying a bottle to drink.

    Adventurous Date Ideas in Fort Worth

    Backwoods Paddle Sports

    Head down to Panther Island Pavillion for this adventurous date idea in Fort Worth.  Grab your loved one and some life jackets and paddleboard, kayak, or canoe your way down the Trinity River together.  Check out their website for special deals and promotions.

    Cowtown Cattlepen Maze

    In the heart of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, you will find the fun Cowtown Cattlepen Maze.  Challenge each other to see who can find their way out of the maze in the shortest amount of time.

    Just do not cheat by standing on their two-story observation deck prior to going in.  LOL!

    Take a Segway Tour

    Why not have some fun and learn a little about the city together on your outing?  There are many segway tours offer in the Fort Worth area.

    Race Go-Karts

    See who the best driver is by going to do a few laps around a go-kart track.  There are several in Fort Worth to choose from, including an oldie but a goodie, Rockwood Go-Karts on University Drive.

    go karts are a great date night Fort Worth idea

    Take a Helicopter Ride

    Riding in a helicopter can be both fun and adventurous for most people.  Impress your date by introducing them to epic views of Fort Worth that they can only see from a helicopter!

    Go to a Shooting Range

    A shooting range can make for an adventurous date.  If you are a gun owner, then this is even better.  Just be sure this is something your date would like, as everyone might not be into this one.

    Throw an Axe

    Axe throwing is sweeping the nation right now.  Why not have some fun and challenge each other to this trendy event.

    Axe throwing allows you to let out some steam, have a drink, and a good time!

    Drive a Race Car

    Yes, you read that correctly.  You can arrange for a night out on the track.

    There are several driving experiences at Texas Motor Speedway that you can participate in.

    Beat an Escape Room

    Testing your skills and seeing if you can escape from an escape room is another one of the many date ideas in Fort Worth.

    There are escape rooms with all sorts of themes, so find one that sounds fun and take on the escape room challenge.

    Ride a Bull

    Head down to the Stockyards and see who can stay on the mechanical bull the longest.

    Just be sure that you both dress for the occasion.

    Ride Roller Coasters

    What adventurous soul doesn’t love roller coasters?  Head over to our neighboring city of Arlington, TX, and take on all of the roller coasters that you can stand at Six Flags Over Texas.

    Riding the roller coasters and walking around Six Flags is truly a fun day.

    Try Sky Diving

    Now we are aware that this may not be for everyone, but personally, I would love this as a date!

    There are places close to Fort Worth that offer actual sky diving if you are feeling really adventurous.  If you are only feeling slightly adventurous, then why not try indoor sky diving?

    Ride Horses at Sunset

    A horseback ride can make for a very romantic date and time of day, but add in the sunset, and you definitely have the makings for a romantic evening in Fort Worth.

    There are several places in and around the Fort Worth area where you can make this happen.

    horse riding for date nigh fort worth

    Bounce Around at a Trampoline Park

    Trampolines bring out the inner kid in all of us, so why not make it a fun date night at the trampoline park?

    Go Ziplining

    Ziplining is such a fun adventurous activity.  Believe it or not, there are several places right here in DFW to go ziplining.

    Free Date Ideas in Fort Worth

    Rustle Up Some Cattle

    Yes, you can attend a cattle drive right here in Fort Worth.  Head down to the Stockyards to surprise your date with this event that probably only happens here.  LOL!

    cows walking in the stockyards-Fort Worth date night

    Do a Photo Shoot Around Town

    Fort Worth is full of great places to take some fun photos. 

    We love shooting around the river and old bridges in Trinity Park or the beautiful foliage of the Botanical Gardens.  The Fort Worth Stockyards is another great place to take photos if you want a western vibe to them.

    Go Mural and Street Art Hunting

    Murals and street art are taking over the country these days, and Fort Worth is no exception.

    So, why not make a night out of finding some of those cool murals and street art.  A good place to see street art is Inspiration Alley, located on Weisenberger Street just east of Carroll Street.

    These also make for great photo ops, so combine this with the photoshoot around town idea.  You’re welcome 😉

    Mural hunting-Date Night Fort Worth

    Go Vintage Shopping

    Another fun idea is to go vintage shopping together.  While this can mean vintage clothing, it doesn’t have to.

    You could head to Doc’s Records (it’s close to Inspiration Alley) and browse old music, or Montgomery Street Antique Mall to browse all kinds of vintage items.

    Go on a Scavenger Hunt

    Why not invite a few more couples and make this date night an entertaining group date?  Challenge your friends to a scavenger hunt where each of you has to go around and take pictures of fun places in Fort Worth.

    Go Swimming

    In the hot Texas summer, there is nothing better than going for a swim.  Why not take your date and a picnic to one of the many local lakes and enjoy a relaxing evening on the water.

    Take a Hike

    There are several places to go on a nature walk/hike in the Fort Worth area. Getting out and getting some exercise together tops the list of date night ideas.

    Check Out the Museums

    There are several great art museums in Fort Worth, some of which are free.  Consider heading to the Kimbell Art Museum or the Amon Carter Museum to spend some time admiring and discussing art for the evening. 

    Admission to both of these museums is free except for special exhibits.

    Visit the Water Gardens

    The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a great place to take a date.  Stroll through the gardens listening to the sounds of the water surrounding you.

    This is another fun place for a romantic picnic.

    Fort Worth date ideas-the water gardens

    Did You Like These Date Night Ideas?

    Hopefully, our list of date night ideas has inspired you to get creative and think outside of the box when planning your next date. Comment below and tell us what we missed. What else should we add to our list of Fort Worth date ideas?

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